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Mate Tooling Systems for Trumpf Style Punch Presses

Mate offers the most comprehensive range of tooling systems designed to accommodate any punching application in your Trumpf style punch press. The following overview will help you determine which tooling system is right for your typical punching application.

Mate QuickLock™
Mate NEXT™

Mate Trumpf Style Tooling System

The Mate Trumpf Style Tooling System is designed to enable fabricators to produce high quality piece parts, with economy. Features include:

Standard Duty System

  • Alignment Ring: Shock-resistant tool steel for maximum accuracy and durability.
  • Punches: Abrasion resistant High-Speed-Steel for increased tool life. 1/4-degree back taper for improved stripping performance.
  • Urethane Strippers: For reduced punching noise and elimination of sheet marking.
  • Metal Strippers: High-strength tool steel for superior strength and flatness.
  • Dies: Wear-resistant tool steel with uniform corner clearance radii for improved die strength and enhanced piece part quality.

Heavy Duty System

  • Punches: HSS with 2-degree back taper for improved stripping and reinforced shoulder for improved punching force distribution.
  • Dies: Shock-resistant tool steel specially formulated for high impact shock resistance.
  • Alignment Ring: shock-resistant tool steel, precision ground to fit heavy duty punch.

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Mate QuickLock™ Tooling System for Trumpf Style Presses

The Mate QuickLock™ tooling system for Trumpf style presses combines the economy of conventional Trumpf style tooling with the convenience of alignment via a keyed alignment ring. The keyed alignment ring engages the alignment key in the punch for quick tool alignment without an alignment fixture. This results in quicker tool set-ups and increased machine productivity. Features include:

  • High-Speed Steel punches, with 1/4 degree back taper and near polished flanks for extended interval between regrinds.
  • Punches include an alignment key for use with the Mate QuickLock alignment ring.
  • Alignment ring with a keyway that engages the key on both Mate QuickLock size 1 and size 2 punches for quick and accurate tool alignment.
  • Urethane strippers, in an extended size range, for quieter operation and improved piece part quality. Available as push-on or screw-on, depending on punch point size.
  • Highly wear-resistant punches and dies for maximum productivity.
  • Slug Free® dies available.

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Mate NEXT™ Insert Tooling System for Trumpf Style Presses

The Mate NEXT™ Insert Tooling System for Trumpf style presses, is a high performance tooling system designed to maximize tool life, minimize tool set-up times, improve accuracy, reduce punching costs, and maximize productivity. The Mate NEXT Insert Tooling System includes:

  • Two sizes of insert punch holders with precision orientation features for quick tool change without alignment fixtures.
    • Size 40: 0.031(0.80) to 1.575(40.00)
    • Size 76: 1.575(40.00) to 3.000(76.20)
  • Interchangeable, highly abrasion-resistant, punch inserts for exceptional interval between regrinds. Size 40 punch inserts use exclusive M4PM™ tool steel. For longest tool life.
  • Precision ground shims which return the punch insert to the original length after 0.118(3.00) has been removed during regrinding.
  • Push-on urethane stripper for Size 40 punch holders provide positive on-the-die stripping without marking. Ideal for decorative material.
  • Full compatibility with existing metal strippers and dies for maximum flexibility.

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Trumpf EasyView™ Colored O-Rings

Introducing Lean Visual Management Capability for size 1 and size 2 Trumpf style dies.
Mate’s patent pending EasyViewT technology uses a colored O-ring for clear and instant identification.

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